4 Tips to Improve Your Workplace’s Hand Hygiene – MOCK COPY

U.S. Department of Agriculture [Creative Commons License]


Hand hygiene is a fundamental part of everyday life, and practicing good hand hygiene is hugely important in the workplace.

Individually this is quite simple. When managing a team of employees however, this can be easier said than done.

It certainly does not have to be. So here are four simple tips to improve the hand hygiene at your workplace.

Tip 1 – Make it easy

Renowned theoretical physicist John D. Barrow once said “There is no reason the universe should be designed for our convenience.”

Well, that does not mean your workplace should not be.

Hand hygiene is incredibly important but it should not be something that your employees stress about while they are at work. Invest some time and resources to remove any unnecessary barriers between your employees and cleanliness.

Implementing hands-free dispensing technology or creating infographics on proper hand washing technique can go a long way towards improving your workplace’s hand hygiene.

Tip 2 – Understanding improves execution

In this context this tip may seem overly simple. Often the simplest things can go overlooked in the workplace. Do your employees know why they practice the hand hygiene policies you have in place?

Each employee should have a clear understanding of the specific situations when they are expected to practice hand hygiene and why that is. Policies to avoid health and safety issues such as allergen cross-contamination may not necessarily be at the forefront of employees’ minds. Making them aware that they are being instructed to practice hand hygiene to keep their colleagues and customers safe will improve hang hygiene.

Clearly communicating the rationale behind practices with your employees should be the first step you take in building a hygienic culture in your workplace.

Tip 3 – Pay attention to your employees’ unique needs

Accessibility issues should be considered in all facets of a business. Even something as simple as practicing good hand hygiene can have unforeseen barriers for certain members of your staff.

Make sure your employees know that an open dialogue can be had, and that any unique challenges your employees face can be addressed together. A conversation can be the difference between a discouraged employee failing to follow hand hygiene procedure, and a happy employee practicing good hygiene.

Tip 4 – Practice what you preach

Perhaps the simplest tip of all, potentially also the most impactful.

There is no easier way to re-enforce your hygiene policies that you wish to have in place than to follow them yourself. There is also no easier way to discourage your employees from practicing good hang hygiene than not doing so yourself.

Setting an example for your colleagues shows that you truly believe in the policies you have enacted.

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